Frequently Asked Questions

For Kindle Fires: see #3,#8,#9
For Nooks: see #5,#6

1. What kinds of eBooks does the library have?

Library eBooks include fiction, non-fiction, bestsellers, mysteries, romance, science fiction, children’s books, cookbooks, and more.

2. How do I find and access eBooks?

See eBook Quick Start Guide under Hot Links on our homepage.

3. Which devices can I use with library eBooks?

You can read eBooks on eReaders, tablets, smartphones, laptops, and computers. For your device to work, it must support either the Blio app or ePub app. The ePub app can appears as Adobe Digital Editions(ADE) or Bluefire Reader depending on the device. Please note, the original Kindle will NOT work with library eBooks. Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD WILL work.
Blio supported devices
Adobe Digital Editions (ePub) supported devices

4. What software do I need?

You need a web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari)to download eBook apps and to access our eBook Catalog.

You will also need a free eBook app (software): Blio or ADE/Bluefire Reader for ePub in order to read a book on your device or computer.
Instructions for downloading Blio.
Instructions for downloading Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) (Even if you have Adobe Reader, you still need to download ADE. ADE PDF files are DIFFERENT than Adobe Reader PDF files.

5. How can I checkout an ePub eBook to my eReader such as Nook, Sony and Kobo?

Checkout using ePub in Axis 360 (Note: Axis 360 is our eBook catalog website.)
Checkout using a Nook.

6. I need help transferring eBooks to my Nook.

Nook Troubleshooting Guide

7. How can I remove expired book covers from my Kindle Fire?

1. In your Blio library, go to the list view (bottom center of page)
2. Touch the cover of the expired title; if you touch it quickly you will see Library Book, lending period has expired, touch cancel and then touch the book with a little more pressure; you will see a pop up that says (book info, buy full book, share book details, refresh book cover and then if you slide the bar to the left, you will see delete book)
3. Touch "Delete Book".
4. Choose "Yes" when you see "Are you sure?".

8. How can I load library eBooks on my Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD tablet?

See Blio Kindle Fire directions
See Blio Kindle Fire HD directions

9. Will Kindle eReader work with library eBooks?

No. Amazon requires users to go through Amazon's website to load a book checked out from the library onto a Kindle. But publishers' agreements with our vendor do not authorize this sort of third party involvement.

10. How long can I check out eBooks for?

Library eBooks check out for a maximum of 21 days. Titles cannot be renewed. After the title has been removed from your device, you can check it out again if there are no holds on it.

11. Can I return eBooks before they are due?

Not with Blio. But you can with ePub by ADE. Tip: experiment, each device is a little different.

12. Can I check out an eBook for LESS than 21 days?

Yes. To do this, find an eBook you want to check out, then click "Add to Checkout List". Do NOT click "Checkout Now". Then, click the "My Checkout List" link in the top right corner of the screen. Adjust the number of days you want to check the book out for using the blue slider. Then click "Confirm Checkout" at the bottom of the screen.

13. Can I place holds?

Yes. Holds must be placed through our eBook Catalog. If a book is unavailable, there will be a "Place Hold" button to select. You will receive an email notice when an eBook is available.

14. Is there a limit to the number of eBooks I can check out at any one time?

There is a limit of 3 eBooks per library card. Each eBook may be checked out for a maximum of 21 days.

15. Can I download eBooks to public computers in my library?


16. When I check out eBooks, do they appear on my library account with the other items I have checked out?

No. For now, you need to log in to your app for an eBook's status.

17. I forgot my login information for the eBook Catalog. Can you help me?

Yes. Call the library at 825-5601.

18. I forgot my login information for my apps. Can you help me?

No. Library staff cannot access your Blio or ePub information. See Blio Support Center and ADE support for ePub.

19. Why does the library have two different catalogs, one for regular books and one for eBooks?

The library cannot legally buy eBooks directly from companies (like Amazon or Barnes & Noble) and then loan that copy out to you. Libraries purchase special library-licensed books from companies with their own websites where eBooks are located.

20. Why aren't there more eBooks?

Some bestselling titles are not available because those publishers are not licensing their content to libraries. Libraries are working to change how copyright law, end-user license agreements, and digital rights management protections are applied to digital copies. This would make it easier for you to access what you want from the library on the device you choose.

21. Are there any other places I can get free eBooks besides the library?

See our eBooks and Audiobooks page for a list of free eBook websites. Both Amazon(Kindle) and Barnes & Noble( Nook) offer some free eBooks to their respective users.

22. Help me! I'm stuck and need more assistance.

For help with Blio, visit Blio Support
For help with ePub and ADE, visit the Adobe support pages.
For help using our eBook Catalog, visit our eBook Catalog's Magic Wall, click the "help" button on the top left..
If you get stuck, call us at 825-5601.

Updated 1/28/2014