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Online Resources – Adults

General, Research, Financial & Medigap Information

Through June of 2021, you may access Ancestry Online from HOME. The password is the first 8 digits of your Middlebury Library card. See Tutorials tab on right. 

Inspire provides access to established sources for news, journals, educational resources and more. 

Consumer Reports (now found under Inspire link) has reviews on products and services which enables readers to gain optimum value. See Tutorials tab on right. 

Weiss Ratings gives you powerful new tools to protect your finances, invest wisely, grow your wealth, and learn more about medigap insurance plans. See Tutorials tab on right. 

In-Depth Resources covers a variety of topics including: Pandemics, The Gun Debate, Nations of the World, Treaties, Working Americans through the decades, the Value of a Dollar, Privacy Rights, Immigration, the Solar System, The Ancient World, Novels into Films and more.  Profiles of Indiana, Fifth Edition is designed to provide just the right data and insight into the makeup of the state of Indiana.

American Food, Culture, & Recipes

A to Z Food America is the world’s largest database of American food, culture, and recipes.  With thousands of recipes, hundreds of fascinating culture and ingredient articles, and essential culinary resources. See Tutorials tab on right. 

Social Security Easy Access

Social Security Express lets you complete your business from the convenience
of your computer, without the need to visit a Social Security office.

Learn a Language & Foreign Travel Information

Learn a language online with Rosetta Stone, the world’s best language-learning software. See Tutorials tab on right. 

Global Road Warrior is an essential guide for traveling to or doing business in foreign countries. 

 A to Z World Travel is a comprehensive resource with 202 World City Travel Guides. See Tutorials tab on right. 

Job Related

Data Axle Reference Solutions makes it faster and easier to find new business opportunities, research executives and companies, find news articles, conduct job searches, research papers, locate addresses and phone numbers, conduct market research and much more.

Cypress Resume is the simplest, most effective tool for resume creation. Specifically designed for job seekers skittish about writing.

Zip Recruiter is the # 1 rated free job search app connecting millions of job seekers and employers every year.


 This is a direct link to filing for  Indiana Unemployment Insurance. 

Indiana Workforce Development provides multiple resources to people seeking jobs in Indiana. 

Get A Drivers License

Free Drivers Ed with Indiana DMV Permit Practice Tests. There is also an extensive FAQ for obtaining your Indiana driver’s license.

Academic & Vocational Practice Tests

Peterson’s Test Prep offers practice tests to help you prepare for standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, GRE, and vocational tests. You can also search for colleges and scholarships, explore careers, build your resume, and more.

Now Available from Home through June, 2021

Ancestry Library Edition

Research your family’s past with Ancestry Library Edition, the largest collection of family history on the web.  See Tutorials tab on the right.  

Updated 3/2021