Middlebury Community Public Library
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Overdue or Lost Items

Lost Items

A patron is charged for the cost of the item and any late fees.

Grace Period

3 days. On the fourth day fees are based on the original due date. No fines are charged on days that the library is closed.


10 cents a day for all materials

Maximum Fine per Item

The maximum fine that any single overdue item can accumulate is $4.00

Three Overdue Notices

Once items are past due, we send out the first overdue notice. If there is no response, we send out a second overdue notice the next week, and a third notice the following week.

One Billing Notice

If we still don’t have a response to overdue notices, we send out a billing notice with the cost of the missing item plus unpaid fines. Your account will be unusable (as well as any other family member account) until your account is settled. Parents are responsible for children’s accounts.

Collection Agency

If there is no response to the above four notices and charges exceed $50.00, your account is turned over to a collection agency. The agency bills you for unpaid fines; replacement cost of the item(s); and a $10.00 handling fee per missing item.