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Video Game Design Club

CALLING ALL VIDEO GAME FANS! Let’s design some games!

We will start by deciding what our game plan is going to be. Will they be rescuing a princess? Getting out of a maze? Trying to beat a gorilla for a banana? Anything goes….

Once the plot of the game is set, they will get to start their design.

We will be using the BLOXEL format for designing video games. Each child will need to bring their own (or a parent’s) smart phone or tablet. They will use the Bloxel blocks to design levels, then upload them using their tablet to the server. Once the design is on the server, they can personalize it! This will all be explained at the meetings.

The extra cool part of the BLOXEL format is that once a designer is done with their level, other kids in our club can play it. So if Dalton designs a game where you are escaping dinosaur attacks, James can play it on his tablet once Dalton is done with it.